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Electromechanical Solenoids

All catalog solenoids are UL Recognized and RoHS compliant (2002/95/EC)

Guardian Electric manufactures a standard line of solenoids, including AC and DC frame, DC tubular and latching and AC laminate solenoids produced in various standard voltages. For custom applications, our standard solenoids can be modified to fit a particular application or we can design a new solenoid to meet a specific requirement.

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AC Frame Solenoids

Pull Type AC Frame Solenoids (48) · Push Type AC Frame Solenoids (8)
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AC Laminated Solenoids

Pull Type Laminated AC Frame Solenoids (16) · Push Type Laminated AC Frame Solenoids (8)
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DC Frame Solenoids

Pull Type DC Frame Solenoids (56) · Push Type DC Frame Solenoids (8) · Latching Type DC Frame Solenoids (8)
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DC Tubular Solenoids

Pull Type DC Tubular Solenoids (36) · Push Type DC Tubular Solenoids (32) · Long-Life DC Tubular Solenoids (36)
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