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Cargomaster C-17 Grip

The Cargomaster C-17 grip is ideal for corded-remote or radio-controlled applications. With a flexible panel face, the Cargomaster C-17 grip can be customized for different design requirements. Assembled from multi-piece rugged plastic, the C-17 grip is available with single-stage, two-stage, or potentiometer-controlled trigger system.

Features  · Specifications

  • Flexible panel face allows rapid modification to meet design requirements.
  • Left-hand or right-hand functionality.
  • Single-stage, two-stage, or potentiometer-controled trigger system.
  • Flat panel face simplifies engraving requirements.
  • Ideal for corded-remote or radio-controlled applications.
  • Multiple piece construction made of high-strength plastic.
  • Right-hand or left-hand control grip design.
  • Engraving and marking available on all surfaces.
  • Wire harness assembly.
  • Face panel can be modified to meet design requirements. Panel depth exceeds 3”.


Optional Switches1

S-1 : Three-position maintained switch (on-off-on) available with a variety of button caps.
S-2 : Three-position (momentary on - off - momentary on) available with a variety of button caps.

S-3 : Three-position rocker switch (on-on-on) with wide rocker panel cap.

S-4 : Two-position modified bat-handle rocker switch with a variety of button caps available.

S-5 : Standard pushbutton switch, available in red, black, or grey cap.

T-1 : Single-stage, two-stage, or potentiometer-controlled trigger.

T-2 : Deadman switch lever.
1 Click on link to view typical schematic.


·  Side View

·  Front View

·  Cargomaster C-17 Application #1

·  Cargomaster C-17 Application #2

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