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Cargomaster Control Box

The Cargomaster Control Box serves the aerospace, commercial, construction, and off-high way industries. Pictured as configured for crane or hoist applications, the optional night-vision enabled Control Box is designed to keep the operator’s eyes on the load-not on the switches.

Designed to work either independently or in conjunction with a corded-remote control grip, the Control Box provides essential backup functions and stationing for the Cargomaster.

Features  · Specifications

  • Night vision capable (NVIS).
  • Designed for wall-mount cargomaster control.
  • Face panel engraving available.
  • Customizable front panel can display a variety of switches and functions.
  • Made with high-strength aluminum body and high-strength engineered polymer faceplate.
  • Two large pin connectors available on right-hand side of control box.
  • Faceplate measures 6.87” x 2.66”


Optional Switches1

L-1 : Night vision lamps (two locations) illuminate panel from back when required.
S-1 : 180 degree potentiometer controls speed of hoist cable.

S-2 : Hoist control location selector. Shown here, a bat-handle switch selects off, remote, or station control for hoist functions.

S-3 : Two position bat-handle rocker switch.
1 Click on link to view typical schematic.


·  Front View

·  Side View

·  Cargomaster Application #1

·  Cargomaster Application #2

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