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MD Combat Control Grip

Originally required for the Mexican Navy, this grip demonstrates Guardian’s ability to modify grips for specific applications. This grip adds more capability with the thumb-actuated rocker switch, while retaining the flexible panel face, thumb-actuated pushbutton, and trigger.

Manufactured from aluminum, this grip is strong and durable, and is ideal for flight control and control box applications.

Features  · Specifications

  • Manufactured from high-strength aluminum.
  • Right-hand flight control style.
  • Complies with all appropriate MIL-Specs.
  • Flexible main panel, easily modifiable for different switch configurations.
  • Adds thumb-actuated ICS/Radio switch, leaving trigger available for camera/gun systems.
  • Multiple-piece aluminum mold simplifies switch replacement.
  • Right-hand control grip design.
  • Engraving and marking available on all surfaces.
  • Flying lead wire (typically 60”) or connector mounting available.
  • Switch locations that are not required can be plugged to present a uniform, smooth surface.


Optional Switches1

S-1 : ICS/Radio rocker switch, often referred to as an “on-off-on” or “momentary, center-off” switch.
S-2 : Pushbutton switches are available with shrouded collars to help prevent accidental actuation.

S-3 : Large 4-way switches are used to set the trim of the aircraft, or can be used in non-flight applications for positioning lights, sensors, or guiding systems.

S-4 : Pushbutton switch. Available with red, black, or grey cap. Available with aerospace rating or commercial grade, and low current (below 15mA) (see also S-1)

S-5 : Tiny pushbutton switches are ideal for locations on grips where space is a concern, or the depth behind the panel is restricted by the design of the handle, or a bundle of wires.

T-1 : Trigger switch. Available in either single-stage or two-stage actuation, and with grey color trigger.
1 Click on link to view typical schematic.


·  Front View

·  Side View

·  MD Combat Application

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