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Land Systems Control Grip

The Land Systems grip is commonly found in armored vehicles and aircraft among the world’s armed forces. With the neutral handle design, this grip is ideal for left- or right-hand applications, and easily can be adapted for use in off-highway and construction equipment.

The rugged aluminum frame has passed MIL-standard load testing, surpassing strength requirements found in construction or commercial applications.

Features  · Specifications

  • Left or right-hand functional grip ideal for land systems fire control and reloading systems.
  • Manufactured from high-grade aluminum.
  • Front panel is customizable to accommodate the required number of switches in your configuration.
  • Aluminum handle facilitates easy modification to accept additional switches along the length of the body frame.
  • Anodized surface allows body to be painted any color.
  • Faceplate made from high-grade aluminum, with a surface of 3.38” wide and 1.5” tall.
  • Approximate depth behind panel is 2.125”.


Optional Switches1

The flexible panel allows specification of any number of switches. Most switches can be easily mounted into the aluminum panel. Engraving on this flat surface is easy to customize.

The aluminum body frame is also modifiable. The above drawings show an optional trigger switch located below the standard trigger switch. The base has four mounting points for attachment either to a joystick control device, or the base can be capped and shielded for corded remote control applications.

The protection bar along the top of the grip is another option. Here it is used to protect the switches in case the grip is dropped and stepped on. The bar and grip design help avoid accidental switch actuation.
1 Click on link to view typical schematic.


·  Front View

·  Side View

·  Land Systems Application

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