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First Generation V-22 Control Grip

Similar to the Cobra Grip in functionality, the First Generation V-22 Control Grip delivers excellent EMI/RFI protection with the aluminum body design, and simplifies switch replacement and maintenance, due to the two-piece handle assembly.

Guardian’s in-house engraving capability made it easier for Boeing and Bell to create identification on flat and curved surfaces. Triple redundant switches complete the aerospace design, bringing safety and functionality together in the First Generation V-22 control grip.

Features  · Specifications

  • Original design for revolutionary V-22.
  • Ergonomic design reduces fatigue and improves response time between functions.
  • Complies with all appropriate MIL-Spec tests.
  • Qualified by similarity or laboratory testing.
  • Two-piece cast aluminum design simplifies switch replacement and maintenance.
  • Right-hand multi-function control grip design.
  • Engraving and marking available on all surfaces.
  • Flying lead wire (typically 60”) or connector mounting available.
  • Switch locations that are not required can be plugged to present a uniform, smooth surface.


Optional Switches1

S-1 : Mini 5-way switch used for controlling MFD functions on visual displays.
S-2 : Triple-redundant large 4-way switch used for setting trim of aircraft during flight operations.

S-3 : Pushbutton switch, available with red, black, or grey cap.

S-4 : Pushbutton switch used for “trim release”.

S-5 : Embedded and protected pushbutton switch used for cargo release functions.

T-1 : Three-position rocker switch (on-center off-on) used for toggling between intercom systems and external radio transmissions.
1 Click on link to view typical schematic.


·  Front View

·  Side View

·  First Generation V-22 Application

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